The Allure of Fairy Tales

fairy-talesAs a child, my parents would tell me stories about amazing mythological creatures such as dragons and monsters to keep me (in my opinion) well behaved for fear that these evil and scary creatures would eat me up if I ever misbehaved. As I grew older (and maybe wiser), I began to have a fascination with all these fairy tale stories and many other fantastical creatures. There was something very enigmatic and enchanting about these creatures and stories that fascinated me.

What I truly love about all things mythical is how dark and twisted it can become. To be clear, I am not some serial killer wannabe that feeds on the fears of others. My love for the fantastical is based on entertainment and curiosity value. Haven’t you truly wondered what really goes bump into the night other than the boiler in the house? When you hear the creaking sound of the floorboards, don’t you get a little curious about what is actually starting the noise?

Through the years, I have tried to expand my knowledge on the supernatural and fantastical by reading endless books and online articles about it. I have even looked through different versions of classic fairy tales such as snow white and even the little mermaid. Did you know that in one version of the little mermaid’s story, she indeed turned into sea foam? Aside from reading, I have been constantly hooked on every single TV show which deals with plots based from original fairy tale stories.

Eventually when I grew older, my fascination with fairy tales diminished and my attention was slowly turned to music. I began to fantasize about my favorite singers and performers. In fact, I am still a big fan of concerts up to now. Lately I have looked into Luke Bryan and Florida Georgia Line Tickets as I plan to make reservations. This time however, I am bringing along my young girls with me, who, like me as a kid before, are still fixed on their princess and prince charming dreams. Hopefully when we watch Florida Georgia, they will also develop an inclination to music.