Justin Moore’s Off the Beaten Path Album Review

jmooreCountry music star Justin Moore has released his third studio album called “Off the Beaten Path” on September 2013. As a country music fan, I am looking for new artists to listen to and the timing of Justin Moore’s album couldn’t have been better. I have listened to a few of his singles in the past and I can’t say I am expecting anything, but here’s my take on his album.

Originally, I was told that it’s something out of the ordinary since there’s rapping involved. New artists have been injecting innovative elements into country music to make it seem fresh. I was apprehensive at this idea because most rap songs just focus on the topic of money, sex, objectification of women and other possibly offensive stuff. I thought it was a bad idea and I am ready to be disappointed on the whole album but surprisingly, I am not.

Songs like “Dirt Road Kid” and “Letting the Night Roll” were like a mix of rock, hip-hop and country. While that does not particularly work for me, Justin made up for it on his other singles. What I like about this artist is that while he never fails to stop being innovative, he still includes traditional sounds in his songs like “In This Kind of Town” and “Beer”.

Justin shows off also his amazing vocals and range in the song “That’s how I know You Love Me”. Some tracks are quite soulful and would be amazing to see live in his Justin Moore Concert 2015. Other songs are quite funny lyrics-wise which portray that he is not afraid to show his funny side in the songs about a hangover, “Big Ass Headache” and about loving ass in “I’d Want It to Be Yours”. Good thing the latter wasn’t done in a disrespectful and sexist way.

His sentimental side is also shown in his duet with Miranda Lambert in the song “Old Habits”. Their heartfelt rendition makes it a standout single in his album. In addition to this, it has a strong 90’s feel that can make anyone feel nostalgic.

Overall, this album is amazing because of the authentic Southern music, but is also fresh because of the incorporation of new elements. Justin is not afraid to experiment and that’s what makes the album worth buying.