Get First Hand Experience on Country Western Music: Justin Moore Concert Tour

There are a lot of kinds of genres when it comes to the music industry. There are pop music, rhythm and blues (R&B), rock, mellow, reggae, metal, rock, pop, alternative,         hip hop, jazz and the country music. In this 21st century, people would mostly prefer the rock, mellow, hip hop and rhythm and blues genres of music. There have been so many songs that have been recently released in the market and most of them are R&B songs. People are now getting so addicted to R&B, jazz and hip hop music. But there are still other genres of music which has some recently released songs but were overheard and overlooked by people because of the very fast release and promotion of R&B, jazz, hip hop, mellow music. One of the examples is the country music. A lot of teenagers did not even know that country music still exists at nowadays because they are too focused on listening to hip hop and R&B songs. Country music is very much popular in western countries like the United States. There is lots of great music under the country music genre which people take for granted most of the times.

So, what is a country music? A country music is a kind of music genre which is very popular in western countries. It was originated in the Southern part of United States in the early 1920’s. The root of the country music is a mixed of folk music, western and blues music. With that, the tone and kind of music of a country music is a slow and mellow dramatic kind of song. What make up the country music are dance tunes and ballads. It has a very simple form and type of harmony. Most of the country music is accompanied by acoustic guitars, harmonicas, and sometimes with banjos.

Most of the country music listeners and lovers would describe this kind of genre as a therapy and soothing to the soul since it gives a very relaxing harmony and tone to the listeners. It has been observed that most country music lovers are of ages between 30-60 years old since the country music took its height of fame during the 1920’s. But luckily, with the push of the music industry, saving the country music genre, a lot of the youth have been introduced into this kind of music.

One way of promoting the western country music will be the concert tour of Justine Moore. He is known to be famous of his western country songs and composition. He is a young artist from United States and his advocacy is to spread and keep the fire burning of the western music country. Also, he would like to give awareness to the people that western country music deserves a chance to be loved and listened to especially during this time of hip hop music. You can check Justin Moore Tour Schedule and reserve a ticket today and get the chance to experience a western country music that you would surely love.