Country Singers’ Distinct Look

Country music has long enticed listeners due to its uncomplicated nature. This genre is preferred by people who like songs that can be followed easily. The heart of this type of music is on its simple chord progression, and heard for pure enjoyment. Another thing that also makes country music engaging is its memorable stories that are commonly known for being emotional and inspiring. Apart from the pleasure derived from this exemplary musical genre, the fashion statement of country musicians also share the spotlight.

The traditional country singer outfit includes big cowboy hats, jeans, boots and fringe.  Back in the older days, these artists were so easy to spot. They share influences from Native Americans and they usually have guitars on their backs. This was their old look. But today, these artists are more adventurous when it comes to their fashion. They now have more varied options especially because young designers are more creative in making chic pieces. This makes them more pleasing to look at, as they possess a more relaxed yet trendier look.

Male singers wear skinnier jeans, flannel shirts exposing their chest, with colors being more varied from the basic tones to the bolder hues.   Modern fashion statements for males are sexier, and are more unpredictable. Some artists say they make an effort to develop a distinct style, choosing from polos to sweatshirts, baseball caps and even bandanas.

Female country singers also have a wider range of style. They choose from a variety of tops, from rustic to Bohemian look, to floral dress and leggings. Accessories also make an impact. Turquoise is a popular color for bead necklaces, as well as silver earrings. Most singers show flashy jewels such as dangling earrings. Boots remain to be a favorable choice in footwear for both guys and gals. As for the hairstyle, waves are held down for a more natural look, matched with simple blush and a dab of lipstick.

Nothing beats the sexy look of both male and female country singers who possess amazing voice and hot bodies. There are already a lot of hot country singers who have made a name for themselves then and now, not just for their talent but also for their distinct style. Today, names of Blake Shelton, Taylor Swift and Luke Bryan are always in the top list, not to mention the duo of Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard, popularly known as Florida Georgia Line. If you would like to follow them on their Florida Georgia Line tour, just click this link to avail tickets.