BRUNO MARS —The New Prince of Pop

Once upon a time, there lived a pretty princess who had a golden ball. Then one day, while playing in the castle’s garden, the ball fell into a pond. The princess was very upset and didn’t know what to do. While she sat helplessly, a frog appeared hopping out of the pond and asked, “Why are you crying, little princess?” then Bruno Mars started singing…

“Baby girl….

Come and give me some of that gold!

I can see you shine from afar

Ima come and give you some love

…only you girl…can’t lie in my world, oh no”

Courtesy: Bruno Mars-Gold Lyrics

After admitting he fancies pirate gold, flaunts golden jackets on his performances and writes songs about “Gold”, “Treasure”, and Billionaire, Bruno Mars may never be in need of any more wealth because he’s now crowned as the new “Pop Prince” by Billboard. Mars also was awarded as ‘male singer of the year’ honors, largely because of the success of his album “Unorthodox Jukebox” and his chart-topping hit singles, “When I Was Your Man,” which topped No.1, and “Treasure,” grasped the Top 5. Being the star to the half-time performance headliner in the 2014 Super Bowl XLVIII must have mattered.

He may not be the new king of pop yet, but Bruno Mars makes a pretty good pop prince. And this chameleonic Hawaiian-Hispanic hit maker also makes a pretty good host as well as a musical guest in NBC’s SNL (Saturday Night Live)–the episode which marked this season’s highest ratings.

For a decade, only eight selected musicians have been asked to do both hosting and musical guest duties in the same SNL airing. This includes Mick Jagger, Elton John, and Justin Timberlake it’s Bruno Mars, who, unlike some of the prior hosts, stated that he never has done comedy nor acting before. This really showed at times, as Mars could be stiff and uncomfortable, but most of the time he pulled off his duties. While this episode had a few pretty terrible sketches, it probably had the most LOL(laugh-out-loud) moments compared to any episode this season had so far.

‘If you can’t say it, just sing it!’ a Bruno Mars’ charming monologue. Mars first sang a ballad about being nervous of hosting, and it turned into a full-band romp about how awesome he would do. “I can do it!” Bruno says and he definitely did!

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