About Me

gloriaHey, my name is Gloria! 😀

I am a part-time model for a large modeling firm while juggling between studying personal training and working as a make-up artist.

My purpose of this website is to inspire those who are interested being involved in the fashion and modeling industry and help you achieve the highest success in your career.

So, do you really want to know how to become a model? Read on…

If you have tried every single agency on the AMA list and not been successful you are likely to have decided that this isn’t really the job for you. However, some brave people soldier on as aspiring models and, within reason, good for them. The main problem is that as you exit this set of agencies your chances of dealing with scumbags and sharks increases dramatically so you must exercise huge caution. Unfortunately sharks can smell blood and desperation can lead you into the most dangerous hands if you are not careful. However, there is a chance you could still work as a model with other companies other than the above. Be careful when people suggest ‘easy’ ways to how to become a model. You must make a judgment decision of how above board an agency is by researching them extensively and meeting with them. It is true that there some excellent agencies out of the AMA that help their aspiring models to success.