10 Facts You Didn’t Know About What’s It Really Like To Be A Model

afbeelding-model-voor-sliderEver been curious about what it takes to become a model? Sure, it is fun to get dressed and prepped up for the runaway, but modeling is not just about that. There are so many crap things models go through in order to get there. And even being there is no fun at all. Here we list down things you don’t know about what it is really like to be a model.

1.       What reality shows show is not all true.

Many of us are made to believe that as long as you know how to work the camera, experiment with your poses and make creative angles, you will be a fireball in the model industry. The answer is no. Even if you end up as the top model in whatever reality show contest you join in, it does not define even 10% of how successful your modeling career will be.

2.       Once a client chooses you from among other models in casting does not mean he or she is content with how you look.

More often than not, your personality or shall I say personal appearance would be altered just so you can look like the person the client had in mind. Your make up will be full to change the angles on your face. You hair color will be changed to perfect the style of clothing the client wants to sell. Plus, your shots will have to go through countless tweaks and alterations just so it can end up as the perfect image for a magazine. The moment you see the final picture, you probably won’t recognize that it is you in the picture.

3.       How models look like today has no bearing on how models look like tomorrow.

In the course of 50 years or so, models look has gone from fat and voluminous to very thin. Top models used have normal butts to now having big butts. Whatever the future holds for aspiring models, we really cannot tell. It changes constantly that the only way for you to prepare is have enough money for some gene alteration – that means you have to change totally how you look just to fit in and I am pretty sure you are not ready to go through such hell.

4.       Models are thin not because they don’t eat. Most of them just have super magical genes.

Unlike the common misconception that models only eat once a day to maintain their bodies, actually they don’t. A lot of models out there still eat like a normal person. They even don’t deprive themselves of getting a fast food takeout. They eat ice cream just like any of us do. They just don’t grow bigger because they have genes which are out of this world. Take Miranda Kerr, for example. Did it not get to your mind how on earth she lost all the baby weight within a month after delivering her baby? She even instantly went into a swimwear photo shoot days after delivery. And the photos were not altered at all. There are videos as evidence for her really gorgeous post-delivery body.

5.       Being a model does not always mean you will be able to pay your utility bills.

Not all models who are hired for a photo shoot are paid with money. In fact, a lot of them especially those with little to no experience in modeling only get incentives for a photo shoot and the incentive would depend on what the client has in mind – clothes, recreational activity and etc. Have you noticed that in America’s Next Top Model winners of challenges are only given clothes but only seldom are compensated with cash? Consider this beforehand in case you are into modeling for money. You won’t get paid high especially on your first few years of being a model.

6.       Casting can be very harsh.

Be prepared to receive unkind and harsh comments during casting. You might be called names and be given the worst criticisms of your life at every casting you go to. It is important that you develop some thick skin. Otherwise, you will suffer from very low self-esteem which may complicate to severe depression.

7.       Photo shoots are not glamorous at all.

Being cast as a model for a particular photo shoot, say for instance, on apparel is not comfortable at all. You will be asked to change outfits more than fifty times. The type of clothes you will be featuring during the shoot will surely not fit the weather. You might be wearing snow clothes on a very humid day in California. Another thing is that the set for the photo shoot is not what you will 100% see in the final photo. The set can be really boring but the final photo, because of alterations, end up very interesting.

8.       You have to be runway show ready.

In order to dominate the runway, you have to prepare months training and working out hard for it. You cannot just “not eat” for the runway. Otherwise, you will end up limping in the runway. You have to have a strong stamina and be very energized during that day so that you can go through fast-paced clothing changes and hair and makeup retouches. The magic we see in one day is a result of weeks to months of intense preparation.

9.       Keep your guards high.

There will always be cameras everywhere even at the backstage of the runway. You have to be careful with these cameras because they can take pictures of your worst moment. You will be surprised to see yourself fully naked in the tabloids just because a scrupulous photographer took a photo of you while you were swiftly changing from one outfit to the next.

10.   You will not always get to bring home the clothes and accessories you are modeling.

If this was the case, all designers would go bankrupt. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be able to bring home a Chanel purse after you attended a Chanel Fashion Show.

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