Fearsome Dragons in Greek Mythology

Ancient Greeks have an affinity with dragons and frequently used them as monsters in fantastic mythological tales. As with most Greek mythological creatures, dragons still perpetuate the modern culture. For instance, the band my friend recently watched, the Imagine Dragons into the night tour used the mystical creatures in their band name.

Ancient Greece has four main types of dragons: the serpent-like Dracones, the marine Cetea, the she-monster Dracaenae, and the fire-breathing Chimaera.

Here are the most well-known and feared dragons in ancient Greece:


Ladon is a serpent-like dragon that guarded the tree with the golden apples in the Garden of the Hesperides. He is said to have almost a hundred heads and his body twined around the tree. According to myths, he was defeated by Heracles in a bloody battle.

Lernaean Hydra

The daughter of Typhon and Echidna, the Lernaean Hydra is a dragon-like water serpent that has between seven and nine heads. It has a venomous breath, blood, and fangs that can instantly kill any living creature. Cutting its head off is no good since it will simply grow back. Heracles also defeated this monster by cutting the heads off then applied blazing firebrands unto the oozing stump to prevent regrowth. Then Heracles dipped his arrows in the dragon’s blood to make it poisonous against his enemies.

Pytho or Python

The earth-dragon of Delphi, Python is a serpent-like dragon that was created and destroyed by Apollo. He was a drakaina – either a male or a female. He was the nemesis of Apollo. The story goes that when Leto was about to deliver Artemis and Apollo, sons of Zeus, Hera the jealous one ordered Python to chase Leto throughout the land so she would not deliver the sons. When the sons were finally delivered, Apollo chased the dragon to Mount Parnassus where he killed it.

The Colchian Dragon

This enormous serpent-like dragon was a child of Typhon and Echidna, therefore the sibling of Lernaean Hydra. It faithfully guarded the Golden Fleece at Colchis, said to never sleep or rest. When Jason tried to retrieve the Fleece, Medea the witch put the dragon to sleep.

Take the Best Concert Photos with These Tips

10101-1t0viorncyWhether it’s Aerosmith or Lady Gaga concert, taking awesome photos in live acts are a major life goal for music photographers. You may always be on the lookout for Katy Perry or Blake Shelton 2015 tour dates, aspiring to take some cool photos like those concert photos by veteran photographers you’ve seen. These pros started out as beginners like you, and they all came across these useful tips that helped them capture the best concert photos ever:

  1. Right Exposure. No one wants a too dark or too bright photo. It’s difficult to get the right light balance in a low light setting, but the general rule is you use the widest aperture you can. F/2.8 to f/4 is a good range. Spot-metering is also a good option if your camera has one. Focus on the artist’s face to ensure good focus and exposure.
  2. Eliminating Blur. This is a tricky one since live artists move a lot on stage. Capture a head-banging rock star in a sharp image by increasing your ISO to around 800. Also widen your aperture and see if it allows you a fast shutter speed. Faster shutter speed, less blur.
  3. Capturing Movement. If on the other hand you want to show the movement of the crowd or the artists. Use a lower shutter speed. Normally 1/30 to 1/60 will do but do experiment with your camera to get the perfect settings. Be careful to hold yourself very still though; you don’t want an overly blurry photo. Venues usually have interesting light system that you can capture using a trick called Slow Speed Sync. Using this option, you can harmonize your flash with your slow shutter speed so you can sharply capture the main subject with some faint movement trail on the background or foreground.
  4. Getting Silhouettes. If the stage is bright and the audience area is dark, you can capture the crowd’s silhouette for a dramatic feel. Use a wide aperture (f/2.8 to f/4); turn off your flash; and use spot or multi-zone meter mode.

5. Capturing Lights. Laser lights can be very pretty if capture well. Use a high ISO (800 to 3200) and a wide aperture (f/4 to f/8) and keep yourself still.

How to Get Rid of Shopping Addiction

Shopping every once in a while is a good practice. It helps you feel more relaxed and be relieved from stress. It lets you buy the necessities with your hard earned money. However, there are those who go beyond the limits. This is when they start to become shopping addicts.

Signs of Shopping Addiction

Most people who have shopping addiction problems don’t know it up until it’s already too late. If you think you are developing this problem, here are some signs:

  • You might have created a budget for shopping. However, the amount that you spend goes beyond what you have set all the time.
  • Compulsive buying. This happens when you buy something just because you like it at first sight. Even if it is beyond what you can afford or there is really no reason for buying it, you still go for it.
  • Shopping guilt. If you start to feel guilt after you shop, then something is wrong. Shopping must make you feel relieved and stress-free, and not the other way around.
  • Lying about shopping. When you start lying about shopping or shop when no one is around, this could be a problem already,

What Should be Done

When you begin shopping addiction, you might spend more than what you earn. As such, you have to do the necessary measures to stop the problem from getting worse. Here’s how:

  • Admit having the problem. This is the first step to healing. You need to acknowledge that something is wrong with you.
  • Create a check list of the items that you have to buy. Make sure that you stick with this list and don’t give in to temptations.
  • Don’t walk around the mall or shopping area especially in places where you have nothing to buy from.
  • Get rid of checkbooks and credit cards. Using them won’t make you feel the instant gravity of what you have bought. Therefore, you feel like using them again and again.

Instead of being addicted to shopping, you can start diverting your attention to other activities. This could include the Daniel Tosh June Tour.

Justin Moore’s Off the Beaten Path Album Review

jmooreCountry music star Justin Moore has released his third studio album called “Off the Beaten Path” on September 2013. As a country music fan, I am looking for new artists to listen to and the timing of Justin Moore’s album couldn’t have been better. I have listened to a few of his singles in the past and I can’t say I am expecting anything, but here’s my take on his album.

Originally, I was told that it’s something out of the ordinary since there’s rapping involved. New artists have been injecting innovative elements into country music to make it seem fresh. I was apprehensive at this idea because most rap songs just focus on the topic of money, sex, objectification of women and other possibly offensive stuff. I thought it was a bad idea and I am ready to be disappointed on the whole album but surprisingly, I am not.

Songs like “Dirt Road Kid” and “Letting the Night Roll” were like a mix of rock, hip-hop and country. While that does not particularly work for me, Justin made up for it on his other singles. What I like about this artist is that while he never fails to stop being innovative, he still includes traditional sounds in his songs like “In This Kind of Town” and “Beer”.

Justin shows off also his amazing vocals and range in the song “That’s how I know You Love Me”. Some tracks are quite soulful and would be amazing to see live in his Justin Moore Concert 2015. Other songs are quite funny lyrics-wise which portray that he is not afraid to show his funny side in the songs about a hangover, “Big Ass Headache” and about loving ass in “I’d Want It to Be Yours”. Good thing the latter wasn’t done in a disrespectful and sexist way.

His sentimental side is also shown in his duet with Miranda Lambert in the song “Old Habits”. Their heartfelt rendition makes it a standout single in his album. In addition to this, it has a strong 90’s feel that can make anyone feel nostalgic.

Overall, this album is amazing because of the authentic Southern music, but is also fresh because of the incorporation of new elements. Justin is not afraid to experiment and that’s what makes the album worth buying.

10 Facts You Didn’t Know About What’s It Really Like To Be A Model

afbeelding-model-voor-sliderEver been curious about what it takes to become a model? Sure, it is fun to get dressed and prepped up for the runaway, but modeling is not just about that. There are so many crap things models go through in order to get there. And even being there is no fun at all. Here we list down things you don’t know about what it is really like to be a model.

1.       What reality shows show is not all true.

Many of us are made to believe that as long as you know how to work the camera, experiment with your poses and make creative angles, you will be a fireball in the model industry. The answer is no. Even if you end up as the top model in whatever reality show contest you join in, it does not define even 10% of how successful your modeling career will be.

2.       Once a client chooses you from among other models in casting does not mean he or she is content with how you look.

More often than not, your personality or shall I say personal appearance would be altered just so you can look like the person the client had in mind. Your make up will be full to change the angles on your face. You hair color will be changed to perfect the style of clothing the client wants to sell. Plus, your shots will have to go through countless tweaks and alterations just so it can end up as the perfect image for a magazine. The moment you see the final picture, you probably won’t recognize that it is you in the picture.

3.       How models look like today has no bearing on how models look like tomorrow.

In the course of 50 years or so, models look has gone from fat and voluminous to very thin. Top models used have normal butts to now having big butts. Whatever the future holds for aspiring models, we really cannot tell. It changes constantly that the only way for you to prepare is have enough money for some gene alteration – that means you have to change totally how you look just to fit in and I am pretty sure you are not ready to go through such hell.

4.       Models are thin not because they don’t eat. Most of them just have super magical genes.

Unlike the common misconception that models only eat once a day to maintain their bodies, actually they don’t. A lot of models out there still eat like a normal person. They even don’t deprive themselves of getting a fast food takeout. They eat ice cream just like any of us do. They just don’t grow bigger because they have genes which are out of this world. Take Miranda Kerr, for example. Did it not get to your mind how on earth she lost all the baby weight within a month after delivering her baby? She even instantly went into a swimwear photo shoot days after delivery. And the photos were not altered at all. There are videos as evidence for her really gorgeous post-delivery body.

5.       Being a model does not always mean you will be able to pay your utility bills.

Not all models who are hired for a photo shoot are paid with money. In fact, a lot of them especially those with little to no experience in modeling only get incentives for a photo shoot and the incentive would depend on what the client has in mind – clothes, recreational activity and etc. Have you noticed that in America’s Next Top Model winners of challenges are only given clothes but only seldom are compensated with cash? Consider this beforehand in case you are into modeling for money. You won’t get paid high especially on your first few years of being a model.

6.       Casting can be very harsh.

Be prepared to receive unkind and harsh comments during casting. You might be called names and be given the worst criticisms of your life at every casting you go to. It is important that you develop some thick skin. Otherwise, you will suffer from very low self-esteem which may complicate to severe depression.

7.       Photo shoots are not glamorous at all.

Being cast as a model for a particular photo shoot, say for instance, on apparel is not comfortable at all. You will be asked to change outfits more than fifty times. The type of clothes you will be featuring during the shoot will surely not fit the weather. You might be wearing snow clothes on a very humid day in California. Another thing is that the set for the photo shoot is not what you will 100% see in the final photo. The set can be really boring but the final photo, because of alterations, end up very interesting.

8.       You have to be runway show ready.

In order to dominate the runway, you have to prepare months training and working out hard for it. You cannot just “not eat” for the runway. Otherwise, you will end up limping in the runway. You have to have a strong stamina and be very energized during that day so that you can go through fast-paced clothing changes and hair and makeup retouches. The magic we see in one day is a result of weeks to months of intense preparation.

9.       Keep your guards high.

There will always be cameras everywhere even at the backstage of the runway. You have to be careful with these cameras because they can take pictures of your worst moment. You will be surprised to see yourself fully naked in the tabloids just because a scrupulous photographer took a photo of you while you were swiftly changing from one outfit to the next.

10.   You will not always get to bring home the clothes and accessories you are modeling.

If this was the case, all designers would go bankrupt. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be able to bring home a Chanel purse after you attended a Chanel Fashion Show.

Cinderella is Not Just a Fairytale for Aspiring Business-Owners

cinderellaDisney surely knows the way to a child’s heart. You grow up wanting to be a Disney princess. You made the story of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White as your aspirations in life. It’s not a bad thing for a kid. Fairytale somehow gives you the idea of dreaming beyond your imagination. The characters in the story also teach you how to beat the odds.

But if you’re thinking of putting up a shopping business, clothing line, pet related business like Play Safe Dogs, Cinderella has pieces of  advice on how to be maintain a positive outlook. This is important to kick start your dream of becoming a business-owner.

Make the Dramatic Entrance

Cinderella made a grand entrance at the ball, don’t mind the tardiness. This is a lesson for you to create something unique to impress potential clients. Dig deeper, if you’re into shopping, think of the things that are hot and trendy for a specified target market. If you’re into pet ideas, research on what is the best dog food in the market and other pet products to offer the best for your possible clients.

Beat Your Evil Step-Sisters

The two evil step-sisters of Cinderella always looks for opportunities to get in her way. They’re just waiting for her to fail on everything. They take pleasure on her mistakes but Cinderella simply ignored them with a clean slate. Starting up a business is more difficult if your friends and families will only say negative things. Don’t listen to them, these negative remarks may jeopardize your business. Stay positive and increase your determination to beat the odds.

Fairytale has a happy ending because the characters work hard to surpass their evil-step mothers and step-sisters. But of course with the help of their own fairy-god mothers. It’s typical but it’s what fantasy is all about, everything is possible just for the character to get through.

BRUNO MARS —The New Prince of Pop

Once upon a time, there lived a pretty princess who had a golden ball. Then one day, while playing in the castle’s garden, the ball fell into a pond. The princess was very upset and didn’t know what to do. While she sat helplessly, a frog appeared hopping out of the pond and asked, “Why are you crying, little princess?” then Bruno Mars started singing…

“Baby girl….

Come and give me some of that gold!

I can see you shine from afar

Ima come and give you some love

…only you girl…can’t lie in my world, oh no”

Courtesy: Bruno Mars-Gold Lyrics

After admitting he fancies pirate gold, flaunts golden jackets on his performances and writes songs about “Gold”, “Treasure”, and Billionaire, Bruno Mars may never be in need of any more wealth because he’s now crowned as the new “Pop Prince” by Billboard. Mars also was awarded as ‘male singer of the year’ honors, largely because of the success of his album “Unorthodox Jukebox” and his chart-topping hit singles, “When I Was Your Man,” which topped No.1, and “Treasure,” grasped the Top 5. Being the star to the half-time performance headliner in the 2014 Super Bowl XLVIII must have mattered.

He may not be the new king of pop yet, but Bruno Mars makes a pretty good pop prince. And this chameleonic Hawaiian-Hispanic hit maker also makes a pretty good host as well as a musical guest in NBC’s SNL (Saturday Night Live)–the episode which marked this season’s highest ratings.

For a decade, only eight selected musicians have been asked to do both hosting and musical guest duties in the same SNL airing. This includes Mick Jagger, Elton John, and Justin Timberlake it’s Bruno Mars, who, unlike some of the prior hosts, stated that he never has done comedy nor acting before. This really showed at times, as Mars could be stiff and uncomfortable, but most of the time he pulled off his duties. While this episode had a few pretty terrible sketches, it probably had the most LOL(laugh-out-loud) moments compared to any episode this season had so far.

‘If you can’t say it, just sing it!’ a Bruno Mars’ charming monologue. Mars first sang a ballad about being nervous of hosting, and it turned into a full-band romp about how awesome he would do. “I can do it!” Bruno says and he definitely did!

The Allure of Fairy Tales

fairy-talesAs a child, my parents would tell me stories about amazing mythological creatures such as dragons and monsters to keep me (in my opinion) well behaved for fear that these evil and scary creatures would eat me up if I ever misbehaved. As I grew older (and maybe wiser), I began to have a fascination with all these fairy tale stories and many other fantastical creatures. There was something very enigmatic and enchanting about these creatures and stories that fascinated me.

What I truly love about all things mythical is how dark and twisted it can become. To be clear, I am not some serial killer wannabe that feeds on the fears of others. My love for the fantastical is based on entertainment and curiosity value. Haven’t you truly wondered what really goes bump into the night other than the boiler in the house? When you hear the creaking sound of the floorboards, don’t you get a little curious about what is actually starting the noise?

Through the years, I have tried to expand my knowledge on the supernatural and fantastical by reading endless books and online articles about it. I have even looked through different versions of classic fairy tales such as snow white and even the little mermaid. Did you know that in one version of the little mermaid’s story, she indeed turned into sea foam? Aside from reading, I have been constantly hooked on every single TV show which deals with plots based from original fairy tale stories.

Eventually when I grew older, my fascination with fairy tales diminished and my attention was slowly turned to music. I began to fantasize about my favorite singers and performers. In fact, I am still a big fan of concerts up to now. Lately I have looked into Luke Bryan and Florida Georgia Line Tickets as I plan to make reservations. This time however, I am bringing along my young girls with me, who, like me as a kid before, are still fixed on their princess and prince charming dreams. Hopefully when we watch Florida Georgia, they will also develop an inclination to music.

Katy Perry Pregnancy, NOT TRUE!

100719-katy_perry_617_409Once upon a time Katy had a prince name Russell Brand but it seems that fate wasn’t on their side and their marriage has to end. The Brand chapter in Perry’s tale doesn’t have a happy ending. Now it’s time for the knight and shining armor John Mayer to rescue her “Alice in Wonderland” or did he say to Katy, your Body is a Wonderland? With all those twists in the story, the pop-up scene Perry has created onscreen feels like a rebuttal to what fairy tales should usually be. She builds in our minds a castle filled by tattooed princes and blue-haired princesses.

The life of a superstar involves all sorts of things that some people don’t usually get. We follow their lives and expect them to be like the ones we read from fairy tales. We expect happy endings. But life for them is much more than that. Surely there is fame, wealth and a good fortune. But some negatives go along with those benefits. Negatives like being gossiped about pregnancies, engagements, marriages, divorces, cheating on spouses and even false death claims can be difficult, very hurtful, and frightening to deal with. Superstars must be a noble knight at all times in order to weather all of these nasty storms.

Gossip news about Pop-princess Katy Perry pregnant boomed like her famous song Firework (2010).Perry’s preggy rumors have made their way around the worldwide web and back until now, but friends of the Roar (2013) singer say they’re plainly NOT TRUE. Perry and boyfriend John Mayer are not expecting their first child just yet.

When is Katy Perry touring? Her 2015 tour showcases both new hits and old favorites.